‘No one can fix your life but YOU”

This is a very interesting statement and almost everyone says it ,especially when they are trying to advice someone. Usually it is accompanied with the untold statement of “do as I say not as I do”!

Has anyone ever really thought about the accuracy of the statement before saying it or are they just parroting what they heard from someone else.

We have become a society of parrots and this is very unfortunate but it has been planed long ago and gradually implemented so no one pays much attention to it. If you actually listen to debates, protestor demands, speeches on TV , in movies,  we can hear whole sentences repeated nonsensically. You think you are listening to a conversation but actually what you are listening to is just a stain of words, sometimes there are very nice, proper long words that sound sophisticated but when you put the whole sentence together it actually doesn’t make sense but you feel inclined to agree with what is being said. This is a very widely used technique from NLP practitioners or people who want to manipulate you in order to sell you something or have you agree with them so they can achieve whatever they have in mind. So if people, who want to use you,  can do so by uttering nonsensical abstract words in a tactful way, imagine what politicians and influencers are doing.

Going back to the statement “ no one can fix your life but you” there is no way you can say this statement is wrong, because it isn’t. Blaming someone else for your short comings or your inability to achieve your dreams and desires is the easiest thing to do. This is what is characterized as victim mentality.  Unfortunately this victim mentality has become a norm in our society, it is so normal that we will go out and protest about the unfairness that we cannot achieve something and it is someone else’s fault. And the interesting thing is that we will get a huge support of our efforts in the act of “complaining” ! When we see people who have actual disabilities, for example they have no legs or hands, and yet they manage to achieve so much, we are at an aw at first, then we get depressed that we are not able to do anything but soon we find something or we make up a sound theory why they were able to get ahead in life and we weren’t. So again we find faults that are not of us but are supposedly keeping us behind.

So the starting statement of this conversation even though it is 100% correct it seems to irritate the victim mentality problem of a person and end up projecting his/her frustration on the person who is saying it.

My opinion is this, the whole education system needs restructuring. As the saying goes, “those who can’t do teach”, it is necessary to re-evaluate the teaching staff, take out the people who are just words and actually have never done anything in their lives except for finding a nice teaching job they can’t be fired from. Replace them with people who have actually achieved something in their lives, bring in actual plumbers, gardeners, electricians, architects e.t.c “ people with real skills” to teach, starting from elementary school. Children need to learn by doing things and not just repeating or just memorizing some theory the someone in a government office thinks it is essential. They can become philosophers and still know how to work on the land, plant and grow things, fix things that are broken, learnt that electricity doesn’t just come from the plug on the wall or water from the tap, learn how to build sustainable housing.

Stop learning to be consumers. It is so degrading to hear on the media people being described as consumers or the new term “part of the herd”! We have not only lost our individuality we have even lost our humanity, our essence. We are not living beings, no, we are just stock, producers and consumers. Do you not see what we have been turned to? Maybe that is why we  are in the current mess.

There is hope for humanity only if we start educating the young, in such a way, that they will appreciate the land they walk on and know that they are an integral part of everything. Life is about transforming ourselves and our existence into the magnificence it was meant to be and not to surround ourselves with things we don’t really need, living in gluttony, having nothing that actual brings us happiness. Beauty and happiness are found in simple things. The earth provides us with everything we need, it is only our unquenched desire for consumption that is distracting us from what would actually make us happy.

Why are we distracted? Because the powers at be want us to be mindless herd going to slaughter. We are left wondering what the meaning of life is. In desperation to find the answer we fall into despair, exaggeration and devastation. So unless we see clearly who we are and understand our purpose, life will be full of obstructions and misery. Only by living in harmony with ourselves and nature around us, can we be at peace and not require anything from any one or blame others for not coming to our rescue.

Life was never meant to be a struggle” ,the famous words of a great teacher Stuart Wilde. We choose to make life difficult when all we see is destruction, mayhem and despair. People try so hard to make it, time and time again but the system is rigged. People are not meant to succeed in life except for the chosen ones everyone else is needed to work and produce things for other likeminded people to consume. This is not the natural life we are meant to live this is a man made trap, a matrix, conjured to keep others enslaved. When we break free and recognize ourselves  the veil covering our eyes will be opened the domino effect will follow and the light will be inevitable .





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