Machine Civilization

In 2011 the song “Machine Civilization,” was produced, by the group “World Order”, in response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. It is important to always connect the lyrics to the video clip. I do not believe Sudo Genki chose the scenery by chance. Everything in the songs of world order has a deeper meaning.

Let’s take a look at the lyrics line by line :

On a morning of machine civilization

The red shield casts a shadow

Wearing a grey suit

The morning is consumed in a rhythm (start the daily routine in the morning)

Same as always

On the endless production line

Something is out of the ordinary

In the twilight of machinery

Where’s the world going

Won’t somebody tell me

Are these thoughts an illusion?

Are we all one?

Is this world going to change?

Are these theories (presumptions) a mirage

People find work to be done

People find work that needs to be done

People work, birds sing

The dreams that fell into a slumber

He calls them to wake up

Every moment is always the same

I live for this instant

Someday a revolution will be sought

In the twilight of machinery

Can I change this thought

that always smiles in my dream?

This song starts showing the surveillance cameras at an airport. Then it moves to a factory sight ( you might wake up with dreams but everything is under surveillance and you go to your everyday routine work in gray suits, meaning non emotional- same as everyone. the sky is gray and everything that is being done seems important (people find something to do). The routine continues the same way every single day.

The dreams are buried deep down and they only smile when you are sleeping. The message of the song is that there is hope of someday seeing change when a revolution of dream will happen. The time will come when we will get out of this machine life.

At the end some random words are mentioned

Break through


In your mind

Revolution desire




White shirts 3/ black shirts2 continues

Are we all one?

And finally Sudo ends the song by ringing 3 bells at what seems to be a port (like signaling for the beginning of the ascension, the new era. Every cloud has a silver lining, we are all one.

It seems like it is gesturing a new beginning that will look gloom in the beginning but it will have an excellent outcome. It is time to wake up.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, this song was released after March 11 2011. I would like to say here, that there are speculations that the Fukushima accident following the earthquake and tsunami were not an accident. The domino effect did not start with this event but it was just a part of it, it is important to notice how the ongoing devastation of the environment is not talked about anywhere and how can secrecy help with extortion. This is just a speculation for those who wish to look further who might find the connections.

This song could have probably been intended as a wake-up call for everyone but to also inform of the better future that will be coming no matter how hopeless life seems to be now. Remember this song was written about 10 years ago. It amazes me how well read and perceptive Genki Sudo is.

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