From Darkness to light

The yin yang theory

We all know the yin yang symbol that represents the balance of light and dark, good- evil, positive and negative. It shows how there is dark in the light and light in the dark. What is important to notice here is the top and bottom part of the symbol where it shows the abundance of either the yin or yang and then it starts to flip to the opposite state.

When there is an excess of one or the other it has no option but to shift to the opposite.

We have all heard or used the phrases, “It is darkest before the light”, “Clear skies after the storm” or some other phrase to that effect.

So, if what goes up must come down why not what is at the dead bottom go up?  When things are at its worst the only thing that can happen is to start to get better.

This theory is clearly explained with the yin yang symbol and supported by the ancient traditional Chinese theory. At the point when the dark part of the symbol is the biggest and looks like a circle the light color starts to emerge, it doesn’t turn all white automatically but it grows gradually. This theory is used in traditional Chinese medicine to evaluate the progress of health inflicting problems, for example when one of the elements is in excess it can keep increasing till the point of no return and starts to self regulate. Nature, always needs to be in balance; even the temperature of our body always tries to regulate its self back to what it considers normal by sweating, bringing excess blood flow to the outer layer of the body (capillaries)- hence the face turns red when you are hot , or shivering when cold.

We are blessed with such an amazing body that has the ability to keep its self in balance. When we are young it does a great job at it but as we get older, and abuse our body with the wrong food, thoughts and emotions, unfortunately, the body starts deteriorating. It keeps trying its best to circumvent the problem and bring back balance but after a point it just can’t. So another outcome of exaggerated excess is the distraction of the system

Why did I choose to talk about this part of Chinese theory at this moment?

This is not just a theory of ancient China but rather it is an observation of the law governing all existence in the world it is universal truth.

At the times we are living right now everything seems to be going dark and we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is quite unnatural. Are we going to start seeing the light? Have things gone as horrible as they could have? Are we at a similar point as when the last deluge occurred on earth destroying everything? Can we still endure more mayhem? Should we expect to see the distraction of all that is right now and move to something better or cease to exist in this form and move into Machine civilization?






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