Grief or Sadness Lung and Metal Element

Sadness includes the emotions of grief and regret/ self blame. “Sadness obstructs the Upper Burner and the free circulation of Defensive Qi, agitates the Heart”. Other metal emotions are insecurity, inability to achieve parental or spousal expectations, and lack of confidence. The challenge for a metal type of person is to learn how to express grief and find healing.

The lungs are in charge of distributing life force throughout the body, unsettled grief can lead to problems with this general energy flow in the body.

Joy Controls Grief (Fire controls Metal)

Sadness manifests in a variety of symptoms:

  • Tightness in the Chest
  • Excessive Crying
  • Asthma/ breathlessness
  • Frequent Colds and Flu (Wei Qi is weakened)
  • Skin problems
  • tiredness

Grief affects the Heart when Zong Qi is weakened / Metal counterattacks Fire

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