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Corporate Retreat

What makes a company great? Can a company get great numbers without the help of the employees?


A plethora of workshops to choose from, ranging from self development, shadow work, balancing the elements for better health, basics of ...

Wellness Retreats

2021 Retreat in Tuscany Italy... A relaxing 6 days yoga getaway in Luxurious Villa in beautiful Tuscany with Yasmin

Acupuncture Degree Course

A professional bachelor’s level training program in East Asian Medicine, in the fields of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, & Asian Bodywork. (You will be redirected to


One-on-one, virtual coaching is for those seeking for someone to guide them through their journey of finding meaning and satisfaction in life....

Holistic Treatments

Privately scheduled sessions may incorporate a variety of holistic therapy modalities. They vary according to...

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Sadness includes the emotions of grief and regret/ self blame. “Sadness obstructs the Upper Burner and the free circulation of Defensive Qi, agitates the Heart”. Other metal emotions are insecurity, inability to achieve parental or spousal expectations, and lack of confidence. The challenge…

Vegan Chickpea Patties

A light and easy to make recipe filled with all the goodies your body needs. Perfect not only for vegans and vegetarians but for all that like to try something new. Click on the button below to go to the recipe, write down the ingredients and head on to your local market to find it all fresh and start cooking 🙂

Herbs For Health

It is interesting how some people are amazed to hear about the medicinal power of plants. Even though we know all the pharmaceutical drugs are made from the active ingredients of plants or these active ingredients are copied and manufactured in the laboratory, we immediately turn to the pharmaceutical drugs when we have a certain health condition. Do you what to know why ? Click on the link below to find out  more..

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