Kidneys -Water Element “Fear depletes kidney Essence, it blocks the Upper Burner and makes Qi descend to the Lower Burner” Fear can be a chronic anxiety, or a sudden panic. Fear depletes Kidney-Qi and it makes Qi descend, when scared it is normal to feel the need to urinate. All emotions are considered normal as they are means of expression but when they become chronic they start being dangerous to our physical or mental health. Therefore, when fear becomes chronic, the kidney’s ability to hold qi may be impaired (in this case involuntary urination can occur).   Chronic anxiety in adults often causes

  • Kidney-Yin deficiency and rising of Empty-Heat of the Heart
  • Feeling of heat in the face
  • Night sweating,
  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth and throat

When anxiety turns to shock, it “suspends” Qi and affects the Heart. It causes a sudden depletion of Heart-Qi, and leads to:

  • Palpitations,
  • Breathlessness

 “When Shock affects the Heart, the Mind has no refuge no home to go to so it cannot rest and the Qi becomes chaotic”. Shock also “locks” the Heart or makes the Heart smaller.  This can be observed in a light bluish complexion on the forehead and a Heart pulse which is Tight and Fine. Makes Qi Descend – Concentration and thinking controls Fear (Earth Controls Water)

Kidneys are weakened when living in fear

  • In this case a person could lose bladder control

Fear can Harm Liver and Gallbladder

(This means Water cannot nourish Wood)

  • Depression
  • Indecisiveness
  • uncertainty
  • Lack of bravery

Fear eventually can injure the Heart

(Heart Fire blazes out of control as Water cannot control it)

  • Anxiety, restlessness

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