Yoga Therapist - Yasmin Pauti

Yasmin, is Greco-Indian, licensed yoga therapist and instructor, who has  travelled, lived and studied in almost all corners of the world including Greece, Australia, India, Japan, Peru, China and Italy. Now she lives and works mostly between Italy and Greece but keeps traveling in order to attend classes and seminars, extending her knowledge of Indian, Asian and South American practices of healing herbs and treatment modalities. 

From an early age Yoga was part of her daily routine. The need for more intense practice arose from her need to correct the spinal stain she suffered from her work as an Interior and Graphic designer being arched for endless hours over the drawing board. The most intense symptoms and conditions she suffered from were carpal tunnel syndrome, upper back pain, and constant migraine. Yoga as a result turned out to be her ultimate savior.

Going to India she studied at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, there she deepened her knowledge on the yoga practices and completed her Yoga Teachers Training Course. The YTT course also included yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. Then she continued to study and got a certificate for Pre and Post Natal yoga for expecting mothers. Later on she went back to the same Gurukul to study Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy. In 2021 she concluded her studies and received the Certification of a Yoga Therapist from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. All the Courses are recognised by the AYUSH Ministry, Government of India.

The yoga she chooses to teach now is a blend of traditional Hatha and traditional Ashtanga, including Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. The sessions are sequenced in such a way that practitioners of all levels would benefit from, physically and mentally, without straining their body.

Having completed the Yoga Therapy Course she will be applying the knowledge of all the yoga practices learned and experienced also through out the years in helping people to treat or overcome physical and/or mental health conditions.  

Following her love of art, design and dance she also holds art therapy and yoga-dance workshops.

Release all tension-stress and physical aches and pains now by joining Yasmins’ yoga sessions and guided meditations. Get grounded and enjoy the benefits of soul integration now. 

Give yourself a gift to treasure by allowing the healing energy to flow freely within you to  find and reconnect with the real you. 

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