Thoth – Hermes and The Emerald Tablets

Thoth was one of the Egyptian deities usually depicted with the head of an IBIS.
Thoth was the god of wisdom, knowledge (science- astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, just to name a few), medicine, and magic. He was said to be the one directing the motions of the heavenly bodies. One of his roles was the judgment of the dead in the underworld.
Thoth’s main temple was in Hermopolis-during the Greco Egyptian era (originally known as Khmun)
During the Greco-Egyptian time Thoth was identified with or known as the Greek God Hermes hence the name Hermopolys (literally meaning the city of Hermes)

Hermes is also known with his Latin name Mercury.
He is the son of Zeus(Jupiter) and Maia. He is mainly known as the Messenger of the gods and is usually depicted wearing winged sandals and hat and holding a winged staff with 2 intertwining snakes called the Caduceus(Lt) or Kerykeion(Gr.). But he was also known as the god of knowledge (astronomy, medicine science e.t.c), commerce, thieves, protector of the travelers and the guide of the dead to the underworld.

In Homer’s Odyssey Hermes is the grandfather of Odysseus.
Aesop also mentions Hermes in his fables, as the ruler of the gate of prophetic dreams and as the god who assigned the appropriate amount of intelligence to each person. He is also mentioned as the god of athletes, health, and of hospitality
Note: Hermes is not to be confused with Asclepius (father of Medicine). He was the son of Apollo and a human woman, Coronis. He raised by Chiron the centaur who instructed him in the art of medicine. Asclepius is usually depicted with a staff with one entwined snake. This staff later became associated with healing and medicine in general.
To the Greeks (and many ancient civilizations) snakes were sacred beings of wisdom, healing, and resurrection.

Remember the two snakes with the winged staff represent Hermes-Mercury and the staff with NO wings and one snake represent Asclepius

The emerald tablets

The emerald tablets are said to be 12 engraved tablets written in Atlantean language and made from an alchemical emerald green material. These tablets were the foundation of alchemy in Europe, said to contain the secrets to the philosopher’s stone. The first translation appeared in Arabic in the 6th century and later has been repeatedly translated and revised. It was even translated by Isaac Newton.
In the past it was believed to hold secrets to transmute a base metal into gold but now we know that the alchemical teachings are of a different more profound meaning than that; that is why they were studied by all the great minds of our past like by Isaac Newton, Pythagoras e.t.c.

It is theorized that only those who are ready to understand the teachings will, for others it will hold no meaning or it will be a superficial one. The teaching of Hermetics is based on these tablets and Thoth (Hermes) teachings in general.
The teachings of Hermetics I have found to be a more detailed explanation of the general theory of “As above so below as within so without”. The teachings also explain the “the Secret”/ the Law of Attraction.

I have chosen the last translated part of the emeralds I have come across as I have found it interesting. For those who would like to read or listen to all of the tablets you can look them up on YouTube or these following sites.





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