The truth about DAIRY

There has been a lot of controversy concerning this topic among the people who have taken the time to think about why it is that we consume dairy products.


Those who have found sufficient reasons supporting the fact that we, as humans, are not preordained to be consuming another mammal’s milk, have taken it out from their daily diet. Others who are only worried about the antibiotics, growth hormones, blood and pus from the cow’s unavoidable mastitis, have turned to organic dairy.

Some of the most common drugs found in dairy cows are: (antibiotics) penicillin, sulfadimethoxine, gentamicin, tetracycline, ampicillin. Anti-inflamatory- analgesic (flunixin). Antibacterial (SupraSulfa III ® (Sulfamethazine Sustained Release Bolus), Tilmicosin( macrolide antibiotic, used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease) + Bovine Growth Hormones e.t.c… e.t.c….

How sick are the cows that give us milk any way??

Remember that pregnant and lactating mothers are always advised to avoid taking medicine unless absolutely necessary and that with the strong supervision of the physician who keeps monitoring the child’s condition.

It seems to me that the majority of us are always looking for authoritative figures to tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat/drink.

-“Of course!! “I hear many saying!

– “We don’t know what is good for us, the doctors or the media need to do the research and tell us what is best for us!”

Even hearing these statements makes me wonder. How lazy have we become to let others decide what we should put in our mouth? We claim to be free but how free are we when we do what others tell us? This is our body, our wellbeing we are talking about. Who else knows better about what our body needs than our body itself? Even if we do not take the time to study-research about what is appropriate for human consumption we should at least take time to listen to our body.

A great percentage of the human population cannot even digest milk but what do we do? We take medicine that helps us digest what the body rejects. How sane is that?

Tips on learning how to connect with our body’s needs:

  • Be quiet when eating
  • Turn of the TV
  • Put down the newspaper
  • And just focus on what we are putting in our mouth.

Notice the taste, the temperature, how it feels when it goes down the digestive tract. Since we have been out of practice or we have actually never tasted our food it will take some time to retrain our selves but imagine the benefits!!

Now, whether one should or shouldn’t consume Dairy is an individual choice but as Jordan Maxwell likes to say “DO YOU HOME WORK”. Trust no one, do your own thinking!!



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