Kidneys -Water Element “Fear depletes kidney Essence, it blocks the Upper Burner and makes Qi descend to the Lower Burner” Fear can be a chronic anxiety, or a sudden panic. Fear depletes Kidney-Qi and it makes Qi descend, when scared it is normal to feel the need to urinate. All emotions are considered normal as …

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Pulse Diagnosis

Easy pulse diagnosis for 7 most common health ailments 1) Liver Qi stagnation- wiry, strong, not thready and not deep. 2) Qi and Blood stagnation- wiry and firm. 3) Liver Yang ascending-wiry, strong and pumping 4) Liver (inner) wind-wiry, floating and strong 5) Liver and gallbladder fire- wiry, strong and rapid 6) Liver and gallbladder …

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