Turmeric It is interesting how some people are amazed to hear about the medicinal power of plants. Even though we know all the pharmaceutical drugs are made from the active ingredients of plants or these active ingredients are copied and manufactured in the laboratory (so they can be patented), we immediately turn to …


Pulse Diagnosis

Easy pulse diagnosis for 7 most common health ailments 1) Liver Qi stagnation- wiry, strong, not thready and not deep. 2) Qi and Blood stagnation- wiry and firm. 3) Liver Yang ascending-wiry, strong and pumping 4) Liver (inner) wind-wiry, floating and strong 5) Liver and gallbladder fire- wiry, strong and rapid 6) Liver and gallbladder …

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Energy Cleanse

Are there times when your feel moody, tired all the time, unable to concentrate on one thing, depressed or even irritable and aggressive? When your emotional energy is blocked, it creates congestion and clogs up your spiritual energy system thoroughly. This makes it easy to get stuck with unwanted energies. Well this can be due …

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  History of Yoga The word yoga is of Sanscrit origin meaning Union, Connection, Harnessing. Yoga comprises of physical, mental and spiritual practices that aim to unify the different aspects of oneself to promote health and happiness. As we know illness comes when there is an imbalance in the body which does not only have …

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