What is Samsara. According to Buddhism, an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is recognized as Samsara. It is another way of explaining the yin yang theory of Chinese philosophy. It can be also seen as the wheel of life. It is naturally expected that two ancient civilizations, the Indian and Chinese, will have similar understandings of the world, nature and life in general.

The repeated transition from negative to positive, from dark to light is an ongoing press transmuting and transforming not only matter but spirit as well. The change doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye but rather moves – evolves into the opposite state gradually. Samsara goes further to illustrate the repetitive state that keeps occurring from life time to life time and it is not confined in just one lifetime. So this repetition can be seen in small scale as well as in the major view of things. The cyclic experiences in our life stop when we reach the state of awakening-nirvana. Saying that we are trapped in the state of Samsara gives it a negative connotation when actually it is a needed repetition for each soul to evolve to the next state. The life times that come and go in ones Samsara can be heavenly or hellish. One life needs to evolve according to its level and need. Some might say, the spirit chooses how fast or slow it wants to move up a step on the ladder. If the needed evolution doesn’t happen in one lifetime it will need to be repeated. All souls are not of the same level some are old souls that have gone through the circle many times so they could be considered as teachers. The level of each soul has nothing to do with the physical age of a person; a child can have an ancient soul. That is why you cannot judge a teacher by the human age.

Sometimes, Samsara is explained as being the opposite to nirvana (state of bliss). In Sanskrit the word Samsara means “flowing on” or “passing through. You are born, grow old and pass on to the next state, this is a small cycle of Samsara . In some cultures birth is not a happy moment in life as it signifies the beginning of suffering, on the other hand death signifies the end of one cycle of suffering and it is celebrated as the end of one phase and moving on to the next-higher level. The greatest hope and aspiration is to be evolved enough to release all attachment to the material realm before passing on. The material world related beliefs that keep us trapped in a circle of repetition is just one opinion. If it was so important to disassociate oneself from the material aspect of earthly life in order to progress, one would not have chosen to have an experience of existing in this material world. The spirit is free to dwell in any form, if it chose this one maybe it was because it valued the experience and the aim might not be to denounce it. Just a thought



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