Joy (Over-excitement-Manic)

Heart and Fire Element

In Chinese medicine “joy” is described as over excitement so much so that it agitates and eventually damages the heart. Joy is associated with heart palpitations,( not only joy brings about palpitation).

Living in a constant state of joy- excitement is not a common thing unless the person suffers from some kind of mental illness. So this emotion damages the heart in quite short time for example you are over excited for winning the lottery, if your heart is weak or the emotion too strong it will damage the heart it will cause shock leading to Heart-Fire or Heart Empty-Heat, depending on the underlying condition.

Emotion that controls joy :Fear (Water controls Fire)

Symptoms of heart problem in order of seriousness and progress of damage

  1. Palpitations
  2. Insomnia
  3. Unclear Thinking
  4. Mania, Disturbed Shen
  5. Heart Attack

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