Chinese Zodiac

The Shēngxiào (Chinese zodiac) has many similarities to the western astrology but also has significant differences. For one, the animals of the signs are not constellations like in western astrology.

In Shēngxiào one year relates to an animal and its characteristics. So instead of having a one year cycle with 12 months here we have a 12 year cycle. The Shēngxiào is popular in many East Asian countries but it has lost the significance that it still has in China.

For example in Japan people use the Shēngxiào zodiacal signs when talking about their character or to foretell their future but they have substituted the Gregorian calendar making a mess and mockery of this ancient zodiacal system.

The Emerald tablets of Thoth

The emerald tablets are said to be 12 engraved tablets written in Atlantean language and made from an alchemical emerald green material. These tablets were the foundation of alchemy in Europe, said to contain the secrets to the philosopher's stone. The first translation appeared in Arabic in the 6th century and later has been repeatedly translated and revised. It was even translated by Isaac Newton.
In the past it was believed to hold secrets to transmute a base metal into gold but now we know that the alchemical teachings are of a different more profound meaning than that; that is why they were studied by all the great minds of our past like by Isaac Newton, Pythagoras e.t.c.

The Qabala - Kabbalah has been a preserved-guarded knowledge probably to avoid misinterpretation by those who would not really understand it.

What I have found to be interesting is the significance Qabala gives to certain numbers.

The Quabala teaches the process of stepping up to a higher level of consciousness. According to the tree of life these steps are 10 leading up to nothingness.

The tree of life reflects the universal consciousness and as it is without so it is within. Everything in the universe is a reflection of everything. The formula of everything consists of 4 elements as we have also seen in the Aristotelian elements.

In the Qabala they are the 4 worlds:יהוהYOD (10), HE(5), VAV(6), HE(5)

The world cosists of these 4 parts:

  1. Atziluth (the archetypal world)
  2. Briah( creative world)
  3. Yetzirah (the formative world)
  4. Assiah(the material world)

In the same way a human being consists of:

  1. Nephesh (body and animal instinct)
  2. Ruach (intellect)
  3. Neshamah ( intuition-6th sense)
  4. Chiah (universal life force- what we really are)

In the natural world we have:

  1. Fire-nitrogen
  2. Water – hydrogen
  3. Air – oxygen
  4. Earth – carbon

If we do the following simple addition we get the number 10 which are the Sephirot of the tree of life.


The 10 Sephirot, and the planets and archangels associated with them are as follows:

  1. Crown Metatron
  2. Wisdom (fixed stars) Raziel "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries"
  3. Understanding (related with Saturn) Zaphkiel ("God's knowledge") He helps peopleo make important decisions and put them into words.
  4. Mercy (Jupiter) Zadkiel (is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy,)
  5. Strength (Mars) Chamael ("One who sees God")
  6. Beauty (Sun) Michael “who is like God”
  7. Victory -Eternity (venus) Haniel "Grace of God"
  8. Splendor (Mercury) Raphael "It is God who heals",
  9. Foundation (Moon) Gabriel ( messenger of God)
  10. Kingdom (malkuth) (Earth) Sandalphon "twin brother" of Metatron,

Other important numbers in Qabala

Important numbers in the Qabala except for the numbers 4 and 10 we already saw, are the numbers 3, 7 and 12.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters.

  • 3 mother letters (related with Air- Water- Fire)
  • 7 double letters (7 planets)
  • 12 simple letters (related with the 12 Zodiac signs)

The Greeks first put astrological connection to their letters of the alphabet then did the Hebrew. This does not imply that there were no other civilizations that associated astrology with their writing form before the Greeks; this is just a comparison of civilizations that rose around the same time.

All the above mentioned information is mainly based on the simplified teachings of the Qabala of Lon Milo DuQuette, also known as Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford for more information please refer to his book The Chicken Qabalah

Alternative medicine

 Brief background

From antiquity we see that all cultures had their own traditional medical practices which are sometimes referred to as folk medicine. It is/was mainly practiced by the older women of the tribe or, the so called, witch doctor. The fundamental theory of all these practices largely overlaps but there are differences found in the practical aspect, the healing herbs and minerals used.

The folk medical knowledge was passed on through parables, stories, songs e.t.c usually there was no written text.

The practice of Medicine dates back to 2667- BC in Egypt, 1046 BC in Mesopotamia. These dates are not accurate they are only based on written evidence found from that time line. In Egypt, a sound related examining and treating room has been found which dates as far as the pyramids or even the Sphinx. (Which are much older than the presumed 5000 B.C.).