Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

A symbol of prosperity and cleanliness.

tumricIn India Turmeric is a very popular Herb used in the Indian cuisine, medicine but it is also considered very favorable and holy hence it is widely used in religious Hindu ceremonies. Before the wedding ceremony for example the bride hands and feet are covered with turmeric paste as it is considered to be purifying-cleansing. Actually it does help clear and calm any irritations of the skin, with the wedding stress the brides frequently suffer from the unexpected break out of the skin with acne like pimples appearing at un unwanted time. Turmeric is very good in calming down (reduces inflammation) the skin and drying out these pimples.
Medicinally, turmeric has been used for a variety of health conditions for over 4000 years (since c. 1900 BCE) (according to written records).
It helps digestion, fights intestinal parasites, protects the liver, helps prevent heart disease, stops bleeding just to name a few of its benefits.
Even now in India, Turmeric is taken for almost all health ailments. It is a panacea for all diseases.
Personally I love drinking at least 1 cup of turmeric-ginger tea with a little honey when I feel a weakening of my digestive system. It helps with symptoms such as (stomach heat) excessive thirst, hunger, constipation e.t.c.
The curcumin found in Turmeric is believed to be the active ingredient responsible for all the beneficial anti inflammatory- antioxidant qualities of Turmeric.
Apart from the Ayurvedic use, turmeric is also a common antiseptic in Chinese medicine.