It is interesting how some people are amazed to hear about the medicinal power of plants. Even though we know all the pharmaceutical drugs are made from the active ingredients of plants or these active ingredients are copied and manufactured in the laboratory (so they can be patented), we immediately turn to the pharmaceutical drugs when we have a certain health condition. It is only after they have failed to help us we turn to the so called alternative medicine which in actuality it is the real medicine.


•Maybe because we have been trained to think of their superiority from the direct and indirect information we are bombarded with constantly.
•Maybe our health condition is so severe that needs immediate attention. (Natural remedies, not all but most, have a slower effect.). if we were in touch with our bodies we would have been able to keep it aligned and balance (catching all the early symptoms) and never come to this position of having a disease out of control and be in a critical condition. an accident though is a different case which needs to be attended to immediately.