Nutrition Basics

The human body comes in contact with a variety of factors in the physical world thus it is affected positively and not so positively by these external elements. Our psychological health is vey important if we wish to maintain a healthy body but due to our mental programming it is not always plausible to be in a perfect psychological state of being; therefore we need to consider some of the external elements we can use to our benefit to enhance and maintain our physical health.
Some of the things we need to consider are the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat and what we drink.
Mindful eating has the powerful potential to transform people's relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem. Mindful eating involves many components such as:

Learning to make choices in beginning or ending a meal based on awareness of hunger and cues of overindulgence;

Learning to identify personal triggers for mindless eating, such as emotions, social pressures, or certain foods;

Valuing quality over quantity of what you're eating;

Appreciating the sensual, as well as the nourishing, capacity of food;

Feeling deep gratitude that may come from appreciating and experiencing food.

The following segment is focused on some beneficial fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, oils we can eat to reinforce our body's health.