Vegan Stir-Fry


vegan stir-fry

Mixed vegetables chopped (broccoli, carrots, cabbage or your favorite greens)
1 red or yellow capsicum (small) sliced
1 onion sliced finely or fresh shallot for the added taste
2 medium size mushrooms sliced
1 garlic head squashed
a handful of mung beans sprouts
100gr tofu sliced optional
2 tbsp Soya sauce
Stir-fry oil or olive oil
Pinch of chili powder, fresh coriander
2 bags of noodles or 1 cup of rice

Serves 2


Combine the squashed garlic with the soya sauce, chili powder and chopped coriander, set aside.
In a wok heat the oil and add the onion.
When lightly cooked add the mushrooms, capsicum and the vegetable mix.
Cook until the liquids are absorbed and add the soya mix along with the tofu if you are using it. Leave in the heat for a few minutes longer.
In a separate pan bring 2 cups of water to a boil and add the noodles, do not over cook.
When ready serve with the stir-fried vegetables and the mung beans sprouts.