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William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson was born in 1862 on December 5th.
Atkinson pursued a business career and later he became an attorney to the Bar of Pennsylvania. Even though he made a good living as an attorney, the stress and over-strain were too much to tolerate and had a complete physical and mental breakdown. What helped him was the application of the New Thought movement teachings. One of the main teachings is that “sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect”.
Atkinson was also interested and studied Hinduism not so much for the religious aspect but for the philosophical. After 1900 he devoted a great deal of effort to the diffusion of yoga and Oriental philosophy in the West.
Atkinson wrote quite a big number of books under his own name but also under different names such as Yogi Ramacharaka, Swami Bhakta Vishita and Swami Panchadasi. He wrote books on Yoga but not on Hinduism. All of his books on yoga are still in print today.

Thought vibration by William Walker Atkinson

This book was published in 1906 and republished many times since then. It was a cornerstone in the New Thought Movement. It is a rather short book of about 75- 100 pages which makes it easy to read and succinct. It does not bore the reader with inconsequential analysis.
In this book William Atkinson talks about, what else, how we shape our reality with our thoughts. He says “thoughts are things” we have all heard this phrase; we might have even used it.

We know that thoughts are vibrations and that they have the power to form our lives but have we really understood it??
If we have then why is it that we do not use it to make our lives better?
Are we so weak that we cannot modify our thoughts to benefit us?
How then do we expect others to change or even better, to fix our life for us?

We keep moving from a teacher to a teacher a guru to a sensei but to no avail!
A few years back the movie “the secret” was released. Was it really talking about a secret? No! How could it, William Atkinson was talking about the same thing long long time ago. Many more have been teaching the same thing even before Christ.

But, we still don’t get it!

So William is explaining it in simple terms and also gives us a few exercises we can do and affirmations to say that would help us master our thoughts and create a reality we want.
Is this book Atkinson uses a more forceful way to convey to us his thoughts and the reasons we are not attracting what we want in life.

All and all it is an interesting book and fun to read. If we would take his words seriously and apply what he recommends in a years time we would be a different person with a much better control over our lives.
I give this book 5 stars. If you have not read it yet I recommend it wholeheartedly. You can also get the audio version, easier to use during commuting!


Stuart Wilde

Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle by Stuart Wilde

This is a very short book (75-100 pages depending on the language) easy to read and keep on ones person for quick reference or as a reminder.
The problem I have found with all the teachings out there is not so much the teacher or the recommended method but the fact that it is short lived. We get so fired up after reading a book or listening to a lecture, we want to change the world but in a short time we fall back to our routine thinking and forget all that drive we just had. We end up dismissing the teacher or the teachings as being something that does not work or not strong enough to break through our barriers- blocks… soon we will find another teacher, another book and go through the whole process all over again.
Going through this again and again we end up being very knowledgeable but without this knowledge having any meaning apart from it being a superficial EGO building acquisition.

  • When will all this knowledge sink in and have a profound effect on us?
  • When will we finally be able to see” the light”?

Well, maybe soon maybe later maybe never. In the meantime we are still living in our “ivory towers” and nothing is really working in our lives we just keep asking “why does life have to be so hard?” So Dear Stuart comes with this little book to give us an answer to this question, or at least shade some light. Because of the size it is easy to keep reading it when we feel things bearing down on us and see the true absurdity of the situation. Only then will we be able to laugh with ourselves and stop taking things too seriously.

Life is only our personal illusion anyway, so let’s make it fun, enjoy it while we have it!
That is why we are here!

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have!


The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

This is the book Ethan Wate (the main character) is reading in the 2013 movie “Beautiful Creatures”

Every one dreams but not all recall it.

This is more of a guide book for the fortunate few who not only remember their dream but also have lucid dreams. It gives practical advice for becoming more present in the dream world in order to learn from it.

One interesting practice Don Juan recommends in this book it to fall asleep with the intention to look at your hands while dreaming. After some practice you will be able to recall this intention in your dream and manage to take your focus from whatever is going on in the dream and bring it to your hands. This will give you the ability to have more control of your dreams or yourself in your dreams.

For those who do not recall their dreams this book would not have much value. It would be best to read other books that teach the way of remembering dreams first and then go to the second step of lucid dreaming.

If anyone has practiced the teachings recommended in this book and would like to share his/her opinions please drop us a line.


The Acorn Principle by Jim Cathcart

Nurture your Nature! Interesting quote.

Our Nature… our potential to become the greatest we can be. What if our nature is flawed? Is there such thing as flawed nature or only perfection?
According to Jim Cathcart we are all acorns with the potential of becoming great big Oak trees. Whether we become big, medium size or small trees is up to us, it depends on whether we live up to our full potential or not. Of course we all want to be great and big but what are we willing to do for it?

But my question is this, what if we were infected by a bug while still on the mother tree? Are we then just rejected from the big tree before time and left to be larva food with no other potential? Even then we still do have a purpose in life, no matter how short, by helping the preservation of another life form. I guess human life is the same as the acorns,. We all pass away at different times having served our purpose, it might not be an obvious one but it is still significant in its own way.

In this book Jim has nicely explained a way to find out which part of your life if not nurtured and ways to pay more attention to it in order to bring back balance to the whole.

It is not a book that you can just read through and hope that something will change in your life just by understanding its concepts. With this one you need a notebook and pen so you can write down the exercises recommended and do the appropriate follow ups. If you are really unhappy with things not working out in your life (friends, family, finances, e.t.c.) these exercises might come in useful. Even if you do not manage to change much at least you will be able to find out which parts of your life need to be fixed or where you are off balance.

Usually we do not pay much attention to all that is going on in our lives just like in our body and we might be excessively into something while another part is forgotten-left out which eventually brings imbalance- disease i.e. we might be into exercising a lot to get a fabulous body figure and not paying attention to the fuel we are putting in, eventually ending up having an unhealthy, tired body with bulky muscles. Not a pretty picture!



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