Energy Cleanse

Are there times when your feel moody, tired all the time, unable to concentrate on one thing, depressed or even irritable and aggressive?
When your emotional energy is blocked, it creates congestion and clogs up your spiritual energy system thoroughly. This makes it easy to get stuck with unwanted energies.
Well this can be due to exposure to a negative environment or people where your aura can pick up bad and low frequency energies.
The good news is that this can easily be rectified by cleansing yourself of these vibrations to regain a balanced, positive and productive life.

Grounding – Before doing this, it’s best to ground yourself to the earth. Grounding will calm your nerves and relax you, among many other things.
Close your eyes and focus on taking deep breaths in and out. Picture your heart and see roots coming out of the bottom, see your roots going down your legs and out the bottom of your feet. See the roots going into the dirt and connecting straight to the center of the earth. You are grounded.
Energy Clearing- All humans have hundreds of chakras throughout their bodies. There are 7 that we are most aware of and do very specific things. Starting from the top:
1. Just above the top of your head. Is the crown chakra. When it releases energy you may feel it come slowly from the top Of your head and will work its way down.
2. The third eye chakra. It sits right between your eyes and in the center of your brain. When you are picturing something in your mind, that is what is creating the image.
3. The throat chakra. When this is blocked up, you will notice trouble speaking clearly. You may stutter or get choked up.
4. The heart chakra. You will feel a burst of energy release from your heart when you get excited or hear so feeling that is true.
5. The solar plexus- this is where anger and fear usually come from. It will get tight and make you feel uncomfortable.
It’s right between your heart and bellybutton.
6. The stomach area. There are 3 main chakras in this area. They are your liver, kidney, and spleen. The filters. We will count them as one.
7. The root chakra. It’s the bridge area between your private area and anus. It affects our basic needs.

It’s important to know where they are and what they do because we will be clearing each one of them out one by one.
This technique is all done through thought/imagination. We will be imagining a sun. Just like our sun. Picture it in front of you and bring it to each of the 7 chakra points.
When the sun is placed in each chakra you will feel it. You will feel the energy. When it’s in place you will count down 3, 2, 1 and then snap your fingers. When you snap your fingers you will picture the sun exploding. You will feel it.
As soon as the explosion is done, picture a powerful light coming from above. Feel the light come down and pushing all the debris from the explosion down to your feet.
Start from the top of your head and feel the entire energy move down each time you do it.
You will be working with the violet flame. It’s a powerful cleansing and purifying flame. Imagine you have the violet flames at your feet. And every chakra you clean, imagine all the debris that you pushed down is being purified in the flames. And that’s pretty much it. Do this to each chakra starting from the crown chakra and work your way down.
I would love to learn that with you! It is a great gift. I usually look at peoples profiles to see what energy I get from it and a description of a person’s personality that is why it was interesting earlier, just when I was focusing on your energy you liked my sticker comment!!



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