De-stress yourself

What is stress? What can you do about it?

Well, its definition in the Oxford dictionary is as follows: Subject to pressure or tension, Cause mental or emotional strain or tension in. Become tense or anxious; worry. It is short for “Distress”.The word “stress” seems to have originated from Middle English (denoting hardship or force exerted on a person for the purpose of compulsion): shortening of distress, or partly from Old French estresse narrowness, oppression, based on Latin strictus meaning “drawn tight”.

From all of the above it would be safe to conclude that there is a puling/stretching/tightening feeling when under stress. But if there is nothing puling or squeezing the body physically then the outside world or situation is not actually the cause of this feeling. So, what is? It sounds like something is fighting inside us and that would be the fight and flight reaction we have when facing something fearful. So the underlining cause is “Fear”. If there is no beast chasing us or a building falling over our head what are we afraid of? And actually if there was something distressful happening outside us we would either run or stay to face it, right? So this pulling and straining feeling wouldn’t occur but it does! It is like the mind and body are arguing about a decision, one wants to run and the other wants to fight. So we sit there doing nothing productive and just not coming to an agreement with our selves. If it is a hobby we enjoy doing then it would be fine unfortunately it has many adverse effects on the body that gradually destroy not only our body but also affect people around us like our family. The good news is that it can be diminished or completely avoided. How? Well, let’s list a few of the most popular ways and then see the most effective ones.
• Drugs (not the illegal kind!ha! ha! ha!): Celexa,Prozac,Paxil e.t.c e.t.c. they have so many side effects that I would personally NOT recommend them to anyone.
• Alternative medicine (from natural organic herbs): Valerian, chamomile, Ashwaganhda roots (winter cherry), passion flower, magnesium supplement, lavender (essential oil or lavender-infused tea, Motherwort e.t.c. too many to list!
• Simple methods: pet your dog, go for a walk, have a massage, use a burner with relaxing essential oils, meditate, practice Qigong, taiqi or yoga everyday and when you feel stressed.
• Changing your mind: Find what the cause of your stress is and disassociate with situation with the feeling, NLP, Gestault therapy, EFT, Faster EFT, e.t.c. (find what works best for you). Question your beliefs until you get to the bottom of things and you will see the absurdity of your stress factor. My favorite one: if you cannot do anything about it now assign it to your worry day (make a day and time that you allow yourself to stress/worry. For example Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00. If you miss this time and you forgot to worry about your things then you will move everything to next week same day same time. If you do remember the appointment and you have nothing to worry about, make up things and do your best! ) Word of caution! You might find yourself laughing instead of worrying!
Last wise words of the Guru (inside you!): TAKE IT EASY and know that we are just specs in the universe and still infinite. What could frighten infinite beings and what would be the worst thing that could happen. Even the most dramatic thing that happens to us today is forgotten after a couple of years! Peace!



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